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1001 Nights Alf Laila O Laila 30ml Perfume Oil By Ajmal

1001 Nights Alf Laila O Laila 35 ml Perfume Oil The fragrance has been designed around an oriental Mukhallat route with rich warm notes with a sensual touch to it. The top begins with a fresh-woody note followed by a woody-floral and base of musky-mossy. Top Notes: Spicy & Smoky Middle Notes: Floral & Spicy Base Notes: Musky & Woody Finally with a hint of Rose.  

Al Thoriya / الثريا By Ajmol

  Volume : 20ml "Constellation" This is an elegant, charming floral and musk fragrance with citrus undertones in the top notes, woody and spicy middle tones and velvety musk tones at the base. Ingredients: jasmine, rose, cedar, patchouli, white musk, tangerine, bergamot, and amber.