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365 Days With The Prophet Muhammad By Nurdan Damla

Author: Nurdan Damla
Publisher: Goodword Books
ISBN : 9788178988337
-Binding: Paperback
- Pages: 360

All About Akhlaq

All About Akhlaq A fun way to learn and Practise Moral Values and Good Manners in Islam Often elders find it difficult to find a fun way to teach children akhlaaq, that is, moral values and good manners in Islam. All About Akhlaaq, being a fun book, will aid them in this. Designed for use at home and school, it covers a wide range of moral issues and the occasions in daily life when good manners are essential. Colourful and story-filled, with an easy-to-use format and short skits, it will give a better understanding of each akhlaaq by encouraging children, parents and teachers to engage in role playing. Each theme, listed alphabetically, is expressed in simple language and has attractive illustrations on every page. What better way to learn akhlaaq than by acting it out! So, be active and practice akhlaaq!

Allah Gave Me A Nose to Smell

A wonderful account of the sense of smell given to us by Allah, which can be explored endlessly with young children through everyday smell and fragrances, encouraging them to give thanks to our Creator.

Gateway To Arabic – Book 1

Author: Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye
Publisher: Anglo-Arabic Graphics Ltd.
ISBN : 9780954083311
Language : Arabic, English
-Binding: PaperBack
- A4 Size: 30 x 21 x 0.8 cm
- Pages: 68
- Weight: 190g

Goodnight Stories from the Lives of Sahabah

Pages:136 Year of Publication:2013 Size cm:21x25 Binding:Hard Cover Asin:ASIN Author:Mohd. Harun Rashid Publisher:Goodword Book

Goodnight Stories from the Quran

Author: Saniyasnain Khan
Publisher: Goodword Books
Size/Vol.: 21 x 25
ISBN : 817898346X
Language : English
-Binding: Hardback
- Pages: 133

Goodword Islamic Studies Gift Box (Ten books)

Author: Saniyasnain Khan / Mohammad Imran Erfani / Farida Khanam
Publisher: Goodword Books
Size/Vol.: A5_EXTRA (17.3x23.5 cm - 6.81x9.25 in)
ISBN : 8178985322
Language : English
-Binding: Paperback
- Pages: Box


These are some of the best-loved tales from the Qur'an. Especially chosen for the very young, they provide a foundation on which to build a growing knowledge of the scriptures. This is story-telling at its best, with the meaning and message expressed in the simplest of words. As well as being easy to understand, these stories are also fun to read and share with others. Colourful, child-friendly illustrations complement the text and bring the stories vividly to life. This book is composed of the following tales :

  • The Treasure House
  • The Sleepers in the Cave
  • The King's Magicians
  • The Morals of Believers
  • A Unique Miracle
  • The Honoured Guests
  • The Prophet Shuayb (a.s.) and the Earthquake
  • The Angel's Prayers
  • The Prophet and the Blind Man
  • The Traveller's Prayer
  • The Rivers of Milk and Honey
  • Ramadan and the Qur'an

Madinah Arabic Reader Book 1, 2……

Professor Abdul Rahim is the director of the Translation Centre of the King Fahd Quran Printing Complex and former professor of Arabic at the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Professor Abdur Rahim's eight-volume texts enable the student to acquire a knowledge of Arabic in the classical structural form. All of the books teach essential language skills through applied grammar. Each lesson is based on a conversation which illustrates distinctive language patterns. A variety of exercises helps the student to understand and master each of the patterns occuring in the lesson. The vocabulary ranges from classical and Quranic Arabic to words and expressions current in modern Arabic.

My Arabic Alphabet Book – The language of the Quran

Publisher: Darussalam Publishers & Distributors
Size/Vol.: 15 x 14 x 2
ISBN : 9960732576
Language : English
-Binding: Hardback
- Pages: 28

My Dua Book

Selected supplications (Du'a) for every child according to the Quran and the Sunnah. This small color full booklet includes many du'as from Bismillah to dua for entering the graveyard. It includes 15 beautiful du'as with mentioning of the occasion, Arabic wording, transliteration, and English translation.

My First Quran ( Story Book )

Pages:319 Size cm:15x20 Binding:H/B Asin:ASIN Author:Saniyasnain Khan Publisher:Goodword